FALL: It's Slow-Down Time

I HAD A DINNER PARTY LAST NIGHT It was the first of what I hope will be many in my new home. I had my sister-from-another-mister delicious friend, my long-time, wondrously creative friend, my medium new-ish, stepping-into-her-greatness friend, and a shiny new, kind-to-the-core friend with a smile so bright I’m certain you can see it from space. 

The night was perfection. The conversation. The shared wisdom. The opposing perspectives. The lightness. The intensity. Ok, I’ll say it. The halibut! 

The night ended with stomachs and souls nourished.

The following Wednesday, I received a curious little brown make-shift envelope in my mailbox. Sealed with painter’s tape, and posted with a charming Shel Silverstein stamp, my heart warmed. and I hadn’t even opened it yet. 

When I did, I extracted a 2”x4” piece of art. A gold watercolor flower, hand-painted on a scrap of torn paper. Tied to a bigger scrap of torn paper. Tied together with silver thread. Inside, a thank you note written in pencil thanking me for a lovely evening and then with a thoughtful something about each of the guests.

This note, this imperfectly perfect note of course, was sent by my long-time, jaw-droppingly creative friend.

This note also made me think of Fall, the season of slow-down. And the little things we can do catch our breath, just as the dying leaves are caught and dance playfully in the brisk breeze. Sitting down and writing a thoughtful card (or, in this case, making then writing one) is a beautiful way to ride the seasonal shift into slow. 

  • Is there a friend you haven’t connected with in awhile who might be overjoyed to hear from you the “old fashioned way?”
  • Is there a sibling you text with, but might smile at holding an IRL note in their hand?
  • Is there someone who did something kind for you, maybe five years ago, who you never really thanked?

I know I can answer “yes” to all three of the above. And, while I’m no painter, I do know where to get stamps.

I invite you to do the same. Perhaps even during one of your Sits in the City.