about the project

The idea for Sit in the City came about on March 7, 2020, days before COVID-19 was characterized as a pandemic and the world hung out a sign: Temporarily Closed. Fortuitous timing, as the meditation cards were imagined as a guide to support solo journeys of self-discovery (social distancing, check) without having to travel far from home (travel restrictions, check, check).

As the weeks and months passed, it became clear the deck was showing up for other reasons. It was being created so that…

…when the unexpected happens, more of us will have a practice that supports leaning into the uncertainty and unease that come with it.

…when we find ourselves in isolation, imposed or self-imposed, more of us will have a practice that helps us navigate our feelings.

…lastly, when life is upended and routines are disrupted, more of us will have a practice that shows up for us as honestly and consistently as we show up for it.

A portion of all  Sit in the City  sales goes to local organizations that provide food to those in need, which we view as a basic human right and collective responsibility. 

Welcome to the community!

Kim Genkinger creator and founder of Sit in the City sitting with a box of Sit in the City cards.

about the creator