Find Calm in the City Chaos.
All Around Los Angeles.

Discover LA’s Most-Loved Meditation Game Cards


What’s Sit in the City: LA?

Oh, just a fun way to explore your over-thinking monkey mind while exploring some of the most inspiring places around LA. The 48 cards in the deck combine for 540 unique experiences and the companion book helps guide you every step of the way.


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A parking deck with 360° views? An abandoned urban zoo? A secret-garden labyrinth? Oh, the places you’ll go as you travel through Sit in the City: LA meditation game cards. 18 cards give you step-by-step instructions for a simple mindfulness or breathing practice—your “sits”. 30 feature special spots picked for their ability to surprise and delight as well as their sit-ability—your “spots”. If you’re up for a journey of self-discovery and adventuring along the way, this sit’s for you!

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Livin’ La Vida Local

Get ready to fire up the Nav. Because Sit in the City is going to drive you to all places N, S, E and W-LA. There are several locations even natives admit to not knowing about.

Practice Presence with Rodin

Find Clarity at the mall. Practice Presence at a mansion. With Sit in the City, you’ll explore mindfulness and meditation on your own terms. On your own turf.

Sits Beautifully on Every Coffee Table

The Sit in the City: LA deck is a calm, cool, contemporary addition to your coffee table. But in this case, beauty isn’t only skin deep. When not traveling around the city with you, they provide great inspiration and conversation, whether you’re having friends over or sharing meaningful moments with family.

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